About Roger McDonald

I’m Roger McDonald, a Melbourne, Australia-based:

  • Web content writer
  • Business copywriter
  • Creative marketing writer
  • Editor
  • Blogger
  • Corporate poet.

I began my professional life as journalist and feature writer reporting the Zimbabwe independence war.

Marketer and a specialist writer

I then moved into marketing communications and business journalism in Africa, and later in Australia on my return here. I had eight years as a senior manager in Australia’s and the world’s largest marketing communications and advertising agencies.

Since then I’ve run my own marketing communications businesses in Melbourne for 23 years.

Web content specialist since 2006

As marketing communications changed and became more sophisticated, I decided in 2006 to concentrate on web content delivery as a specialist skill.

I also enjoy advising authors on planning the structure and content of their books/ebooks, and writing, co-writing or editing their manuscripts.

As a creative marketing strategist, I blend ideas, words, and images that get you and your enterprise noticed.


‘Roger and Sandy McDonald, in fact, became not simply a supplier of editorial concepts and services, and graphic art, but an essential, creative partner in developing a long-term growth strategy.
‘The fact that the partnership endured for almost twenty years demonstrated a profound understanding of the needs and capability of both client and service provider. This oneness of understanding, coupled with the gifts of both Roger as a writer and editor, and Sandy as a designer, was at the centre of a very successful story. Centacare is deeply indebted to ArtWords [our marketing communications business] and to its quite remarkable principals, Roger and Sandy McDonald.’

John Bushell, Chief Executive Officer, Centacare Catholic Family Services, Melbourne

If you’re looking for a web content writer who knows his way around marketing in the online world, call me on 0438 935 905.