About Sandy McDonald

After 22 years running a marketing communications company, I used purposeful blogging to start and build a vast global community that works to help children orphaned in Africa.

My TEDx talk, Tell your story, save a life is based on this experience and explains how your story can enrich, change or even save lives.

Get it right online. Build a clan and supercharge your business, the book I wrote details the framework to do this.

Now I work with business owners to bring clarity and Get It Right Online.

I helps them build a coherent and correctly positioned online platform from which to tell the stories that can build a loyal clan, as both a business development and life-changing practice.

Blogging is story telling.  Done well it’s a paradigm shift, changing a business conversation to what matters; how to make a difference in people’s lives.  I explain why and how on my blog, Why You Must Blog.

I believe that at the intersection of clarity of intention and stories online, communities gather, and that what can be done with such communities is yet to be imagined.

I’m known for converting a complex online world into practical, but life-changing steps for business owners to supercharge their business AND their lives.