As a business professional, who says you also have to be great at business writing?

You’re the expert in your field. And I’m an expert at making you look the expert. I’m a professional communicator who knows how to unearth and get across in words the essence of your unique offer.

In my 30 plus years in professional business writing, I’ve covered every sector of the economy and business. I quickly grasp, translate, and deliver your exact message to your exact targets, every time.

Thousands of successful communications

In my career, I’ve written thousands of customised and successful communications including:

  • Articles and white papers
  • Media releases
  • Reports (including annual reports)
  • Letters and proposals
  • Presentations
  • Audio visual scripts
  • Audio visual scripts
  • Speeches
  • Ebooks
  • Blogs


“….it has been a real pleasure working with a professional pair like you and Sandy in the preparation and printing of our Annual Report. The final [result] looks really great and has had a very positive response from the Board and staff. Congratulations on a great job.’
David Loutit, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Dairy Industry Authority

When you need someone who can quickly grasp and articulate your business message in good business writing that your audience understands, call me on 0438 935 905.