Clear the Fog programs

Clear the Fog 

Clear the Fog  is a structured and facilitated six hour workshop run jointly by Roger and Sandy McDonald that unearths clarity of intention and what you need to do to achieve it.

No matter what your fog, this process will spell out the immediate decisions to make and the next logical steps to take, to get to clear air and your desired intention. It includes:

Clarity of intention

Re-examing who you are, what you do, for whom, and why to:

– look at where you are now and your desired intention

– articulate current insights into your industry and your market

– review your existing business culture, the values that define it and the behaviours that support it

– draw out a clearer picture of your ideal client

– gain an understanding of the problems they have that you could or should solve

– consolidate your thinking on your single best offer and identify the key messages that support it

– examine your current positioning, its efficacy or its weaknesses and expose its validity now and into the future

– explore new business opportunities and new paths to market.

At the end of the session, we will have identified and mapped out the next logical and achievable steps to move toward your desired intention.


Clear the Fog PLUS

Clear the Fog PLUS involves the same process as Clear the Fog, followed by a two hour session to outline the tactics needed to fulfil your desired intention.

This will inform a 12 week Campaign Activity Chart, breaking the tactics into step by step tasks, each time-lined against allocated resources.


Clear the Fog CREATIVE

Clear the Fog CREATIVE, builds on the insights of the Clear the Fog sessions to produce customised creative strategies designed to put you in front of your ideal clients.


Clear the Fog CAMPAIGN

Clear the Fog CAMPAIGN, gives you all of the audit, analytical and creative marketing components of Clear the Fog CREATIVE.

In addition to providing unique and customized creative strategies, we implement them with you.

Reaching your desired intention when and how you plan to, within the budget you’ve allocated needs two parallel components: creative thinking and collaborative effort.

With a combined 60 years of experience at its core, we take the findings from Clear the Fog and assemble the perfect combination of planning, people, resources and tools to get the campaign implemented and the right result achieved.

Our long history has given us the time to evaluate quality suppliers and forge potent relationships in every field of creative and marketing implementation. From on- and offline marketing strategists to printers, photographers, web content writers and designers and a host more, we’ve hand pick the team to realize your best outcome.



You can book a free 20 minute chat with either Roger or Sandy to discuss your best solution here on Acuity Scheduling.  We look forward to a Clear the Fog session with you.  They’re fun and they work.