5 top tips for creative connections

You know that facts tell, but stories sell. You know that we buy on emotion and justify on logic. And we prefer to do business with people we know and trust.

Stories. Emotion. Trust. A simple enough trio of words, and not a stat in sight.

How do we get there? How do we build on the trio for personal and business success? Through networking, or in my language, creative connections.

They used to be known as matchmakers. People who had the ability to spot values, characteristics and traits that matched or complemented others.

Instinctively, I’ve played the role of matchmaker all my life. In recent years, I’ve taken a more deliberate approach to the process. Through formal and informal connection, study, and closer observation of human behaviour.

I’ve learned and captured some of the core functions behind successful creative connection.

Here are my five top tips for simple but sustained connection:

Give without expectation of reward

Way too many people think of networking as schmoozing, getting business cards and picking up hot leads. It’s the reverse. Enjoy the pure pleasure of giving. Some day—it doesn’t matter when, or if ever—your giving will boomerang.

Two ears, one mouth

Listen more, much more, than you speak. At a minimum, listen twice as much as you talk. Because when you speak, all you hear is what you already know.

Cast a wide net

Don’t be afraid of broadening your connection pool when every else is narrowing their niche. Networking is for the long term. Today’s janitor could be tomorrow’s president. And even if she’s still a janitor, she still knows plenty you don’t.

Simply stay in touch, simply

A phone call or email connecting to a contact’s news, or achievement, or even just acknowledging the passage of time, keeps relationships going. It’s human, and it works.

Make it your business to make it personal

The businesses and companies you court for connections are run by people, not numbers, or machines, or processes. Treat them as unique individuals by taking a genuine interest in what’s interesting to them—them!

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