Who buys your bananas in a banana market?

Who buys your bananas in a banana market

When you’re a seller in a market place full of the same commodities, how do you sell your produce ahead of the next guy?

The one-word answer? Positioning.  Its three-part definition? Unearthing a creative strategy that wins you attention, belief, and faith.

I’m no great advocate of 21st century fast foods, but when you hear the words ‘secret blend of 11 herbs and spices’ you know exactly who I mean. And when you see the swoosh or the legend ‘Just do it’, there are no prizes for naming the world’s leading sports brand.

But I’m not one of the big players

[But] you don’t have the history, or the billion dollar budgets of the big players.

And you don’t have enough leads customers, clients, advocates. A tribe who’ll dance naked around your totem pole, daubed in your war paint. A clan who’ll stream from your fortress on raids of credibility and persuasion into the enemy heartland to capture converts who’ll dance naked…

What you do have is a good, probably great product, service or idea, loads of passion, and a fierce determination to succeed.

My threefold promise to you

You may be an established business or an eager start-up. As a creative marketing strategist with 30+ years of daily learning, my promise to you is threefold:

  1. Clear the fog. Clarity what’s working (and what’s not) as you position yourself (or don’t) against your rivals
  2. Create the opportunities that get you noticed, believed and valued (attention, credibility, love)
  3. Connect you to the talent who’ll steer your brand to victory.

From nope to pope

From a Guinness Book of Records entry to intimate invitation-only lunches for CEOs, Rebuzz Creative takes you from nope, to mope, to grope, to hope, to collide-a-scope, and possibly even pope.

(Ok, from aspiration to destination—still, what’s wrong with a little enthusiasm?)

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