Would you prefer a web content writer who listens, or who talks?

Two to one.  That’s the ratio of ears to mouth.

It’s also the proportion of listening to talking you get from me when it comes to producing quality content for your web site and marketing material.

Good listening involves some talking—asking questions designed to probe deep into your business’s wants and needs. And listening that captures the deepest nuances of the compelling benefit (not feature) your competitors cannot, or will not match.


Do you like the sound of ‘never give up?’ That’s what you get when you choose me for your web content, marketing material, or business documents. I write until it’s right.  Read more . .
Delight Satisfied is a longer word than lazy. But it means I did only what you asked me for and no more. I do all in my power to bring you delight. It’s good for you, and what’s good for you is good for me.

Fixed prices

I’ll bet you love pleasant surprises and hate nasty shocks. Read more . . .

A shiny web design is the savoury sizzle that entices hungry searchers to your business’s barbecue. But once there, they want to know—quickly—how your creative steak will nourish their wants and needs.  Read more . . .
Your web content brief—the road map to a successful website You wouldn’t head off into a strange city without a map or GPS on your phone. Or go to court without preparing a case for the prosecution or defence. Why would you embark on the most critical of your business communications tools without a plan? But you’re human, and so is your web content writer. What we think, what we say, what we hear, and what our brains receive and reproduce can differ substantially through each phase of the briefing and writing process.  Read more . . .

Web content copywriting

How brilliant web content writing can work marketing magic while you sleep.

Business writing

As a business professional, who says you also have to be a great writer?

Marketing material

Offline is dead. Long live offline


Putting the final polish on your expertise and talent.

‘Roger McDonald, in fact, became not simply a supplier of editorial concepts and services, but an essential, creative partner in developing a long-term growth strategy. ‘The fact that the partnership endured for almost twenty years demonstrated a profound understanding of the needs and capability of both client and service provider. This oneness of understanding, coupled with the gifts of Roger as a writer and editor was at the centre of a very successful story.  John Bushell, Chief Executive Officer, Centacare Catholic Family Services, Melbourne

I’m Roger McDonald

I’m a Melbourne, Australia-based:

  • Web content writer
  • Business copywriter
  • Creative marketing writer
  • Editor
  • Blogger
  • Corporate poet.

I began my professional life as journalist and feature writer covering the Zimbabwe independence war.

Marketer and a specialist writer

I then moved into marketing communications and business journalism in Africa, and later in Australia on my return here. I had eight years as a senior manager in Australia’s and the world’s largest marketing communications and advertising agencies. Since then I’ve run my own marketing communications businesses in Melbourne for 23 years.

Web content specialist since 2006

As marketing communications changed and became more sophisticated, I decided in 2006 to concentrate on web content delivery as a specialist skill. I also enjoy advising authors on planning the structure and content of their books/ebooks, and writing, co-writing or editing their manuscripts. As a creative marketing strategist, I blend ideas, words, and images that get you and your enterprise noticed.

What to do now

Check my profile on LinkedIn. If you need a marketer with proven web content writing skills, and a writer with massive marketing experience get in touch  or call me on 0438 935 905.

Creative Musings

For the love of English

Have you stopped to reflect on the phenomenon of language?

Every species on earth has one. If you’ve ever been woken before dawn by a yowling cat, a yodelling rooster or a monotonous dog, you’ll agree that some languages lack tone, cadence and variety.

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