Marketing material

Offline is dead. Long live offline.

It’s true these days that much of the emphasis in marketing is now online. But the offline world remains a rich resource for creative marketing and sales opportunities.

A.I.D.A. might mean a Verdi opera to you. It’s also a useful acronym for what I do as a creative marketing material copywriter. It stands for:

  • Awareness: using intriguing combinations of headlines, copy, and images to capture attention
  • Interest: accurate information delivered in a lively, quirky, or unusual way to keep readers engaged
  • Desire: thought provoking writing that stimulates targets’ desires or reduces their fear
  • Action: assertive language that makes it easy for readers to take the next step.

With decades of marketing material writing experience prior to specialising in web content, I know how to achieve these across multiple platforms:


  • Web content
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks


  • Brochures and flyers
  • Catalogues, guides, manuals, prospectuses
  • Direct marketing concepts and direct mail


  • Business names, slogans, and taglines
  • Branding guidelines
  • Launch campaigns


  • Banners and posters
  • Magazine advertisements


  • Billboards
  • Large format posters

Promotional and point of sale

  • Give-aways
  • POS posters and signage


‘Roger, I have just read your words again on the learning philosophy for Slow School. I absolutely love them and think they are just perfect.’
Carolyn Tate, Founder and CEO, Slow School of Business, Melbourne

If you need a writer who understands marketing, and a marketer who’s a professionally trained and experienced writer, call me on 0438 935 905.