How brilliant web content writing can work marketing magic while you sleep

IMG_9808Properly structured creative web content labours for you 24/7/365. It’s a tireless networker, connecting you through links to people searching for what you’re selling.

Does your web content network for you round the clock?
The more I know about you, your offer, and your customers, the better informed your web content will be and the wider your network will spread.

In a 1.5 hour meeting (or phone or Skype conference), I can extract all the information I need to get to the heart of your unique message.

And I mean unique—a sales proposition, product, service, or offer that your competitors can’t or won’t match.

Web content brief for easy navigation

That initial meeting sets up the web content brief. This is the crucial navigation and menu framework that makes visiting your website easy, logical and enjoyable. A thorough brief delivers fast, accurate web content first time around, saving you time and money.

Search engine optimisation—helping people find exactly what they’re looking for

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is online jargon. It means the use of keywords and phrases that are close to or exact matches of search queries people key in to search engines like Google and Yahoo.

SEO is a sophisticated tool that responds to complex search algorithms or problem-solving computer calculations. These days, search engines, especially Google, have refined their algorithms to increasingly mimic every day language.

Dedicated SEO specialists as part of the package

I work closely with dedicated specialists to establish the best and most competitive keywords and phrases. You can choose to have their costs built into my fixed price quote, or use your own SEO specialists.


‘This is great. I can’t wait for the final copy. The [web]site looks fabulous. Thank you.’
Ralph Bourke, Chief Executive Officer, Removal Brokers Worldwide, Melbourne

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