Writing for the web is different, so choose a writer who knows his way around online

A shiny web design is the savoury sizzle that entices hungry searchers to your business’s barbecue. But once there, they want to know—quickly—how your creative steak will nourish their wants and needs.

They want to see more than pretty pictures—and not for a moment do I deride the importance of great design. They also want to see messages that market and sell online and offline.

Specialist skills

I’m a marketer first, then a copywriter

30 years of marketing experience has honed my skill to distinguish between hype and substance, and features and benefits. Decades of business writing and years of web content development combine to identify and express your unique benefit or advantage.

Web content is a different way of communicating. By comparison with traditional writing, it’s only decades old. That’s still long enough to develop rules and habits, good and bad.

Five web content rules that matter

1. Strategy before content

What do you want from your website? Number one in Google? Lots of traffic? Boosted sales? Raving fans?

Your web content writer should ask you these questions first, and demonstrate their skill in writing for each.

2. Less, always less

Searchers scan. Hoping they’ll read every word is futile. Your content writer will instead help visitors scan so they can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Less also means a sharper, efficient, focused, and more manageable website.

3. Know the tricks

In step 1, I help you identify your online purpose. If it’s more than just no. 1 spot on Google, I then write copy that follows Google’s own advice: write for people, not search engines. Google prefers user-centric copy because it generates bigger and more relevant traffic.

I get inside your customers’ heads and write to solve problems, provide solutions, and relieve pain. Everybody wins.

4. It’s not about you

Time and again, I see content that talks only about your features. Visitors aren’t interested in you, your company, or your offer. They’re only interested in how you can make them feel better, or satisfy their desires. I never write a word until I understand fully what your customer really wants.

5. Content needs an owner

Nothing stays new for long. The moment your content is created it starts to age. Make sure someone—you if you’re on your own—or a small team if you’re in a larger organisation, has clear responsibility for content reviews and updates.

Or hire a professional web content writer. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.

What to do now

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